The Elaphusa Hotel

is the landmark hotel within the Blue Sun complex and is designed perfectly
for an event like Bol Beats with it’s unique location, numerous entertainment areas, friendly
staff and exceptional facilities

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The rooms are light and airy and offer a relaxing environment to chill-out after another day of partying.
The ambiance of the Elaphusa Hotel is designed for comfort and relaxation in all environments.

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The restaurant is one that befits a 4* star hotel with multiple choices of meals for any diet and,
of course, Bolsoul is providing half-board to all our customers which means a big breakfast to get you
through the day and a first-class evening meal to propel you through the night.

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The are several bars within the hotel complex, once again with a lovely ambiance.

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The Elaphusa Hotel also has a first-class Health Spa to repair any over-indugences.

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